Development advantages of high temperature centrifugal fans

- Apr 16, 2019-

The high temperature centrifugal fan is the key equipment in the cement rotary kiln firing system. The function of the high-temperature centrifugal fan is to adjust the air pressure in the kiln, and the second is to extract the high-temperature exhaust gas after the clinking of the clinker in the rotary kiln. Next, we will introduce you in detail:

1. High-efficiency centrifugal fan power-saving: The high-temperature centrifugal fan is changed to the hydraulic speed regulation for chopper speed regulation, and the rotation speed of the high-temperature centrifugal fan is changed by changing the slip rate of the motor. The high-temperature centrifugal fan motor does not need long-term high-speed operation, and the working current is greatly reduced (the stator current is 140A before the transformation, and it is reduced to 110A-120A after the transformation), and the saved energy is returned to the power grid, and the power saving effect is very remarkable.

2. The reliability of high-temperature centrifugal fan operation is good: when the chopper speed regulation device fails, the motor can be switched from the speed regulation state to the power frequency operation state, and the process can be processed without stopping the machine; After the inspection and repair is completed, the installation can directly cut into the speed regulation operation state, and there is no phenomenon that affects the normal operation of the large kiln and the shutdown of the kiln, so it is more reliable.

3. The high temperature centrifugal fan has good regulation and control characteristics. Chopper speed regulation is a digital control that allows precise control of motor speed.

4. High-temperature centrifugal fan has good starting performance: When using chopper speed regulation, if the motor maintains rated torque, the starting current is much less than 1.5 times of rated current, and the whole process of starting is controllable. The starting point and climbing time can be set.臵, can avoid the impact on the motor and the busbar, and avoid the impact or interference of the high-temperature centrifugal fan voltage on the other operating equipment.

The above is about the introduction of high-temperature centrifugal fan, and in the production operation of high-temperature centrifugal fan, the kiln operator should adjust the air volume of the fan according to the actual conditions of the process parameters of the kiln system to control the negative pressure in the kiln so that it can satisfy the clinker calcination. The process requirements of production and quality, and the adjustment of the fan air volume is realized by adjusting the speed of the motor by DCS control speed regulation.