Detection method of starting capacitor of air conditioner compressor

- Apr 27, 2020-

The measurement of the capacitor is good or bad. Only a mechanical watch can judge the accuracy. The method is to hit the multimeter to 1K or 100 ohms, and the two test leads are respectively connected to the two electrodes of the capacitor under test. Observe the reaction of the hands, if the hands quickly approach the zero position, then slowly go back (toward the direction of infinity), go somewhere and stop, indicating that the capacitor is basically good. The closer the return stop is to infinity, the better the quality, and the further away it is, the more leakage. If the needle of the multimeter is quickly set to zero or close to zero, it means that the two poles of the capacitor have short-circuited and cannot be used. If the probe and the two poles of the capacitor are connected, the needle will not move at all, indicating that the internal connection of the capacitor has been disconnected and cannot be used.