DC brushless motor features

- Nov 01, 2019-

       1. Precise structure and economical application: The hollow cup DC brushless (servo) motor produced by the company is specially designed for various places with special requirements on motor life, reliability, external dimensions and extreme environmental conditions.

       2. High reliability and durability: The hollow cup DC brushless motor produced by the company is produced based on the patented technology of oblique winding. The rotor of the motor is made of rare earth material, so the power volume and power-to-weight ratio are extremely high, and the acceleration and load carrying capacity are also very strong.

        3, brushless electronic commutation: the company's hollow cup DC brushless motor through the built-in Hall components to achieve commutation. Its distinguishing feature is the linearization of the servo control characteristics and the loss of torque due to the cogging effect of conventional DC motors.

        4, no reversing sparks, safety, environmental protection: Because there is no brush wear, so the motor not only has a very long service life, and there is no reversing spark, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.

        5. No cogging effect: There is no torque loss caused by the cogging effect like the conventional DC brush motor. The rotating magnetic cylinder and the magnetic flux circuit reduce the leakage flux, so the efficiency of the motor is high.

        6. The rotor is dynamically balanced and runs quietly and smoothly.

        7, can be built-in driver circuit; it is also very convenient to match different high-precision planetary gear reducer, get higher torque output at low speed.