Correct solution to oil leakage of centrifugal fan

- Mar 02, 2020-

1. The seal of centrifugal fan is worn and causes oil leakage at the shaft end, so it is necessary to replace the equipment seal.

2. The oil level of the oil tank is high and the oil leakage at the oil drain port needs to be reduced.

3. If the vent of centrifugal fan is blocked and oil leaks into the casing, it is necessary to dredge the vent of dedusting fan and install a plug with hole diameter in the middle cavity.

4. If the fan pressure is higher than the specified value, adjust the equipment pressure to the normal level.

When the centrifugal fan has oil leakage, it should be solved in time to reduce the oil loss to ensure the operation efficiency of the fan. The oil leakage is likely to be affected by the use situation. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly maintain and clean the centrifugal fan in the case of poor application environment.