Comprehensive understanding of the type and use of centrifugal fans

- Apr 19, 2019-

1. What should be judged by left-handed and right-handed rotation in a centrifugal fan?

For this question, the answer to the Wuxi centrifugal fan manufacturer Luoshe Jiangnan Fan is:

Mainly from the side of the motor for front view, if the impeller in the fan is to rotate clockwise, then it is a right-handed fan; otherwise, it is a left-handed fan.

2. Why can I adjust the speed of the centrifugal fan to save energy?

The conclusions drawn from years of practical experience, for specific reasons, are because, in general, the centrifugal fan is based on the load of the host to adjust the flow. Therefore, when the throttle adjustment is performed, the fan can be kept in the state, and the power saving is very considerable. Therefore, this conclusion was reached.

3. How to represent the centrifugal fan in the process flow chart?

The representation of the centrifugal fan in the process flow chart, because there is no relevant explicit provisions, there is no uniform standard, there are many ways and means. However, in the wind turbine industry, there are still some requirements for this aspect, which are:

Requirement 1: In the standard drawings, there should be a symbolic legend in the general description to distinguish it from others.

Requirement 2: For a complete process drawing, it is required to indicate the corresponding parameters of the fan, including specifications, power, air volume and wind pressure, beside the centrifugal fan. These are essential.