Common faults in the use of axial fans

- Apr 02, 2019-

In many cases, it is very common for fans to generate some abnormal phenomena during use. However, these anomalies often lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the use of the fan, which causes the use of the fan to be damaged to some extent. Part of the reason is the user's mistake in the selection. Different models have different effects. If they are used in inappropriate places, it is inevitable that an abnormal phenomenon will occur.

Axial fans can produce many different types according to different divisions. Steel fans, FRP fans, plastic fans, PP fans, PVC fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fans, etc. These are the more common ones in axial fans. Types, different types of fans have different problems in use, so the solution is also very different.

A common phenomenon of axial flow fans when blades are cracked or broken may occur on the delivery and induced draft fans. In recent years, many large power plants have occurred; rotor failure. Such as rotor imbalance, rotor vibration, etc., even serious impeller speed accidents; motor failure. If the current is excessive, the motor will be burnt out in severe cases; the oil station will leak oil and the oil pressure will be unstable. That is to say, affecting the regulation performance of the fan also threatens the safety of the fan.