Commissioning method of centrifugal fan

- Feb 24, 2020-

1. Centrifugal fans are allowed to start at full voltage or step-down electric, but it should be noted that the current at full voltage starting is about 5-7 times of the rated current, and the starting torque at step-down is proportional to the square of voltage. When the grid capacity is insufficient, step-down starting should be used.

2. During the commissioning of centrifugal fan, carefully read the product manual and check whether the wiring method is consistent with the wiring diagram; carefully check whether the working voltage of the power supply to the fan meets the requirements, whether the power supply is in phase or in phase, and whether the capacity of the electrical components meets the requirements.

3. During the test run, the number of people shall not be less than two, one shall control the power supply, one shall observe the operation of the fan, and if any abnormality is found, the fan shall be shut down immediately for inspection; first, check whether the rotation direction is correct; immediately check whether the operation current of each phase is balanced and whether the current exceeds the rated current after the centrifugal fan starts to operate; if any abnormality is found, the fan shall be shut down for inspection. After five minutes of operation, stop the machine and check whether the fan is abnormal, and then start the machine again.

4. During the test run of the two speed centrifugal fan, the low speed shall be started first to check whether the rotation direction is correct; when the high speed is started, the fan shall be stopped before starting, so as to prevent the high speed reverse rotation from causing the switch trip and motor damage.

5. When the centrifugal fan reaches the normal speed, measure whether the input current of the fan is normal, and the operation current of the centrifugal fan shall not exceed its rated current. If the operating current exceeds its rated current, check whether the voltage supplied is normal.

6. The motor power required for centrifugal fan refers to the larger power required for centrifugal fan and fan case when the air inlet is fully open under certain working conditions. If the air inlet is fully open for operation, the motor may be damaged. It is better to close the valve on the inlet or outlet pipeline of the fan during the test run of the fan, and gradually open the valve after the operation until the required working condition is reached, and pay attention to whether the operating current of the fan exceeds the rated current.