Check measures for fan coil motor not running

- Dec 04, 2019-

The first is to check whether the power supply at the fan coil connection is normal. If there is no power output, look for power failure first. Then check whether the speed control switch is damaged. If there is power, first send power to check if there is buzzing sound and motor heating. If it is, turn the impeller to see if it is stuck. Stopping at a certain angle is caused by poor starting performance or large resistance due to motor capacitor or bearing damage.

Because the power of the motor on the fan coil is small and the starting torque is not large, it may be stuck if it is less than the resistance. The impeller will not run for a long time, foreign objects on the impeller, and the damage of the bearing capacitance may cause the motor to not run. If the power supply cannot be started for a long time, the temperature of the motor will continue to rise and eventually burn out. It should be found at any time for overhaul.