Centrifugal fan precautions

- Nov 15, 2019-

When the centrifugal fan is in operation, the vane pushes air in a direction perpendicular to the axis (ie, radial), and the intake air is in the axial direction, while the outflow is perpendicular to the axial direction. In most cases, an axial fan can be used to achieve cooling. However, sometimes a centrifugal fan must be used if the airflow needs to be rotated 90 degrees or if a large wind pressure is required.

Vibration is inevitable for centrifugal fans. Once the vibration of the centrifugal fan is too large, the motor current will be too large, the temperature rise will be too high, and the motor will burn out if it is serious, and the bearing and other parts will be larger. What are the reasons for the excessive vibration caused by the centrifugal fan?

1. Reliability and stability of centrifugal fan manufacturers

2. Is the centrifugal fan installed correctly?

3. Environmental factors surrounding the operation of the centrifugal fan

      There are countermeasures under the policy, how to reduce the vibration of the centrifugal fan?

1. Before the centrifugal fan is put into use, carry out a comprehensive inspection of the single centrifugal fan to see if the appearance is damaged or deformed, and use the vernier caliper to measure whether the gap between the main shaft and the impeller meets the drawing preset. And check the adjustment door, whether the current collector is normal.

2. When installing the centrifugal fan, strictly follow the correct installation procedure, check the configuration of the horn and anchor bolts, the order of installation of the components, and then check the equipment as a whole.