Centrifugal fan installation steps

- Nov 09, 2019-

Firstly, check the outer dimensions of the foundation, the center size of each reserved cavity; the dimensional deviation of the foundation should be within ±20mm, and the center dimension deviation of each reserved cavity should be between ±10mm; the basic line is to the main building Based on the building base point or the vertical and horizontal centerline of the boiler, the deviation of the main vertical and horizontal centerline should be ±10mm, the centerline distance deviation should be ±3mm, and the basic elevation should be between ±5mm;

To level the foundation, place the anchor bolts, and arrange the horns. The horn group is generally 2 flat 1 slanted and 3 horns. Thickly placed below, the slanting horn should be used in pairs; and the frame is extended by about 20mm; After welding, it should be welded and not loose; the horn should be placed on the main force platen of the equipment, the frame ribs or the anchor bolts, and should be close to the anchor bolt holes as far as possible without affecting the secondary grouting;

Thick positioning of the lower half of the casing: Pay attention to the installation markings of the manufacturer. Usually, one of the "A" and "B" numbers, pay attention to distinguish the relationship with the inlet and outlet ducts, the direction of the impeller, etc. before the position;

Insert the bell mouth of the current collector into the impeller and fix it with the wire. Then lift the whole rotating group into the predetermined position. Install the anchor bolt. The bending of the anchor bolt should be ≤ L / 100 (L is the length of the anchor bolt). The bottom end of the bolt should not touch the bottom of the hole or the wall of the hole. The anchor bolts should be evenly stressed and the bolts exposed 2~3 buckles; then loosen the wire to fix the gap between the lower part of the current collector and the lower half of the casing to adjust the gap between the impeller and the bell mouth.

Leveling and aligning the motor: Adjust the coaxiality between the fan and the motor spindle (both the coupling is leveled). Use three hundred dial gauges to find positive, two axial and radial ones; each axis moves 90 degrees, record data, measure the readings of the up, down, left and right, adjust the coaxiality, make the error ≤0.05mm; and the two backrests There should be a 10mm gap between the wheels. After locating, review some data such as the height of the shaft center and make a record.

The fan rotation group is leveled and aligned: the verticality between the fan main shaft and the bearing housing is corrected by the following method: the magnetic base is attached to the main shaft, and the dial indicator head is directed to the outer ring of the bearing or the end face of the bearing seat ( The upper end cover is processed on the surface; at this time, the spindle is rotated more than one week, and the reading of the needle is not more than 0.15 mm. The reading value is the vertical condition of the bearing housing and the main shaft.

After the fan is positioned, the upper half of the casing is fastened, the current collector and the casing are installed in place, and the asbestos rope should be placed between the two casings; the connecting bolts should be tightened, and the four-sided bolts should be evenly stressed; , adjust the gap between the impeller and the bell mouth again.

Install the air inlet box, the inlet regulating baffle door and the rest of the fan, and adjust the baffle to rotate flexibly. Otherwise, the lubricating oil should be rotated until the rotation is flexible to be installed. When installing, the blade should be fixed firmly and have sufficient expansion clearance with the outer casing. The adjustment operation device should be flexible and correct, the action is consistent, and the opening indication mark is consistent with the actual; it is necessary to pay attention to the opening direction, which cannot be reversed, and the intake direction is the same as the direction of rotation of the impeller.

The cooling water and lubricating oil pipelines shall be arranged in accordance with the drawings, and shall be arranged correctly and beautifully, and there shall be no debris in the pipeline.