Can wearing a mask prevent coronavirus? Which masks can prevent coronavirus?

- May 08, 2020-

Everyone knows that New Coronary Pneumonia is a respiratory infectious disease that mainly spreads by droplets. It is also known that if you want to prevent New Coronary Pneumonia, you need to go out and wear a mask, go home and wash your hands. But what you may not know is that not all masks have the effect of preventing new coronary pneumonia, so which masks have the effect of preventing new coronary pneumonia, and which masks have no effect of preventing new coronary pneumonia?

There are many types of masks including gauze masks, medical masks, dust masks, oil-proof masks, and n95 masks. Gauze masks are mainly used in working environments containing low concentrations of harmful gases and vapors. General gauze masks cannot block bacteria and viruses. The face part of the medical mask can be divided into three layers: inner, middle and outer. The inner layer is skin-friendly, the middle layer is the isolation layer, and the outer layer is the special material antibacterial layer. The medical mask can block the tiny virus aerosol. The main function of the dust mask is to prevent and reduce the dust in the air from entering the respiratory organs of the human body, and cannot block bacteria and viruses. The n95 mask can block particles with a diameter of 0.075 microns, and the success rate can reach more than 95%.

Through the above analysis of several masks, it is not difficult to find masks that have the function of blocking bacteria and viruses, only medical masks and n95 masks, so only medical masks and n95 masks in the above several masks prevent new coronary pneumonia. The n95 mask has a stronger blocking effect on bacteria and viruses than ordinary medical masks. For ordinary people, ordinary medical masks can be used to prevent new coronary pneumonia. Those who directly contact new coronary pneumonia patients and suspected new coronary pneumonia workers , You need to use the n95 mask with stronger defense function.

Wearing a mask can prevent the infection of new coronary pneumonia, but you need to choose a mask that has the function of blocking bacteria and viruses. If you wear other types of masks, it will not have much effect on the prevention of new coronary pneumonia. Now China's epidemic prevention work has achieved some results, but the situation outside China is not tolerated, but I believe that the dawn of victory is ahead.