Can wearing a disposable mask prevent coronavirus?

- May 06, 2020-

If you want to prevent new coronaviruses, wearing a disposable medical mask is useful, but the effect of other masks is not very good. In addition, the n95 mask is also good for preventing coronaviruses. Oily particles.

However, coronavirus will also spread through direct contact, so it is particularly important to reduce going out. Do not go to crowded places, especially the elderly, children or pregnant women. If you must go out, in addition to wearing a mask, pay attention to washing your hands. Especially before eating, after going to the toilet, or after going home, be sure to use running water to wash your hands, and use soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It is best to use alcohol to wipe your hands. The disinfection effect will be Better.

And for patients who have been diagnosed, suspected patients and people in close contact, they must be observed or treated in isolation.

The above methods are for reference only, specific examination and treatment measures should go to the hospital to consult a professional doctor.