Can axial fans increase wind pressure?

- Mar 27, 2020-

Due to the characteristics of axial flow fan, it is judged that the air volume is large and the pressure is low. Generally, the pressure of a typical axial flow fan does not exceed 300 PA.

It's this feature that allows you to get a lot of air with very little power. The air volume can be adjusted by adjusting the fan speed, but it is impossible to increase the air volume.

In order to increase the wind pressure, only the blade angle can be adjusted, but there are also limitations. To increase wind power, you need to use centrifugal fans.

Axial flow fan is widely used for air flow in the same direction as the fan blade axis, such as fan, and the fan of air conditioner is axial flow operation fan.

This is called "axial flow" because the gas flows parallel to the fan shaft. Axial flow fans are usually used in situations with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements.

The axial fan is locked in place to move the air. Axial flow fan is mainly composed of fan impeller and shell, with simple structure, high efficiency and wide application.