Can antibiotics treat new coronavirus

- May 13, 2020-

Antibiotics cannot treat new coronaviruses, because antibiotics are mainly resistant to bacterial infections, which is not effective for viral treatment. In the new coronavirus diagnosis and treatment plan, it is proposed to avoid blind or inappropriate use of antibacterial drugs, especially the combination of broad-spectrum antibiotics. The new coronavirus treatment is mainly symptomatic supportive treatment. The general treatment includes bed rest to ensure that the patient has sufficient calories, maintains water and electrolyte balance, and timely monitoring of vital signs. Antiviral drugs can be used appropriately, including chloroquine phosphate, abidol, ribavirin, lopinavir ritonavir tablets, etc. These antiviral drugs are not recommended to use more than three at the same time. It can be used for clinical differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in clinic, and its effect is better. On the basis of symptomatic treatment, it is necessary to actively prevent the emergence of various complications, and to maintain a stable state of various organ functions, mainly to support treatment.