Blower motor with fan With Fan start check precautions

- Oct 04, 2019-

The blower switches from start to run and must be performed when the motor is near rated speed. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the contactor. If the Qingdao blower appliance malfunctions during the unfavorable operation of the power grid, the operating current of the thermal relay should be adjusted to a larger point. If the blower is overloaded, press the reset button of the thermal relay. In order to continue working.

The blower manufacturer should pay attention to check the changes of the surrounding environment and the impact on the reliability of the time relay. During the period of use, the dust should be temporarily removed, and the contact parts of each electrical appliance should be checked regularly for properness. If there is any problem, repair should be carried out immediately. When the contactor is working with noise or delayed release, the dust or grease on the surface of the magnet can be wiped clean and it can return to normal. If there is contact singeing, it is necessary to use a fine boring to repair the contacts before using them.