Axial fan noise treatment measures

- Nov 30, 2019-

The axial fan produces a lot of noise when it is working, and the fan noise also increases with the increase of air volume and wind pressure. There are several ways to solve the fan noise problem:

1) Install a muffler outside the fan exhaust vent and built-in muffler inserts to reduce noise when passing through a specially constructed muffler. The muffler is an effective measure to reduce the radiation of the inlet and exhaust ports of the aerodynamic device or to transmit noise along the pipe.

2) The noise of the casing and the motor can be solved by installing an acoustic enclosure. The fan is placed in an independent fan sound insulation room, and the sound absorption and sound insulation are performed in the fan room.

3) Use anechoic louvers as much as possible on the ground floor louvers.

4) The fan is suspended by a damper spring hanger damper.

According to the sound source object, noise characteristics, noise reduction requirements, process conditions and installation location, the design is targeted to ensure good noise reduction and noise reduction.