Axial fan installation

- Apr 13, 2019-

Unpack the box to check whether the fan parts are complete and whether there is any damage to the outside of the casing. Pay special attention to whether the head rectifier is deformed by bumps, whether the joints of the parts are tight, whether the blade motor is damaged or not, and whether the impeller rotates flexibly. If problems are found, they should be repaired and adjusted. Check the installation base of the fan, and it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that it can withstand the load when the fan is running, and check whether the connection size between the foundation and the fan meets the design requirements.

Second, we should pay attention to the installation.

1. The horizontal installation of the fan is to fix the damper to the fan frame through the connecting bolts, adjust the horizontal height of each damper with the center height adjusting pad, and fix the fan to the joint steel plate welded on the foundation with fixing bolts. If the fan does not require a damper due to earthquake resistance, etc., the screw hole on the fan base can be directly connected with the pre-embedded bolt on the foundation.

2. The basic requirements for the installation of the side wall horizontal installation fan are the same as those for the horizontal installation. The installation bracket is made of the inclined arm support type. The bracket should have sufficient strength and rigidity. The fan above 10# is not suitable for this type. The way to install.

3. Suspension installation Firstly connect the damper and the fan with bolts. The damper is installed symmetrically and arranged on both sides of the center of gravity of the fan. The fan is directly inserted into the bracket mounted on the suspension. The height of the suspension bracket depends on the actual The space distance will be determined by the user. Fans above 16# generally do not use this type of installation.

4. The installation method of the vertical installation fan is consistent with the horizontal installation method, and the strength and rigidity requirements of the fan foundation will be stricter.

5. The connection between the fan and the pipe at both ends must use a flexible joint to isolate the vibration and protect the fan.