Anti-corrosion work of industrial centrifugal fan

- Apr 06, 2019-

The main working place of industrial centrifugal fans is the heavy industry factory. For the industry, some corrosive chemical materials will be used. These materials will corrode our fans. So how do we conduct anti-corrosion work?

Select suitable industrial centrifugal fan data. Different materials and models that differ from the requirements. According to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, the physical and chemical functions, cost functions and other factors are considered.

Therefore, the strength, parts and data are determined on the basis. Excellent planning extends the life of the equipment and ensures the safety of the equipment. In traditional structural planning, the shortcomings of accelerating corrosion planning are stress gathering trends and void environments.

Sometimes, although the corrosion rate of the metal immersion liquid is small, the composition of the crack causes severe corrosion due to chemical and electrochemical changes in the internal solution. In the planning of industrial centrifugal fans, external treatment methods such as flange, galvanizing, chrome plating, and electroless plating are often used. These methods are useful in many environments. However, with regard to rotating parts, it is necessary to consider the matrix data and the linear expansion coefficient of the coating.